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At the SAHA Expo, which aims to contribute to the development and export potential of domestic and national projects in the fields of defense, aviation, and space technologies in Turkey, Ege Türkyılmaz, the co-founder of Novart Space Technologies, introduced Novart to the participants. The Expo saw the attendance of 957 companies from 109 countries, 268 official delegations, 112 commercial delegations, and 78,643 visitors, 40,000 of whom were industry professionals. In his presentation, Türkyılmaz discussed Novart’s establishment, areas of focus, and products. Novart, which completed a sounding rocket flight in Turkey in 2018 using their hybrid rocket engine, received TÜBİTAK 1512 funding in 2020. Türkyılmaz emphasized that their primary focus is rocket propulsion systems.

Novart offers various services and expertise due to the multidisciplinary nature of the field. Besides developing the rockets they use and launch, Novart’s electronic systems are also used in their test systems. If requested by customers, Novart conducts test flights and shares the necessary data with customers after safely recovering the rockets.

In his presentation, Türkyılmaz also talked about Novart’s product range. The “EGÜ (Electronic Observation Unit)” provides real-time speed, acceleration, altitude, and orientation data, which helps in controlling the ignition of the second engine in multi-stage rockets. Novart sold this product to Roketsan as part of the Teknofest event in previous years.

He also spoke about their test rockets and launch platforms, stating that they have produced launch platforms for Roketsan as part of Teknofest, covering the entire process from design to operation.

Türkyılmaz further shared that they offer a 32-channel electronic card with outputs at 10 kHz per channel, which is another commercial product they sell and use for their tests. With TÜBİTAK 1512 support, they also offer software that enables even those without technical backgrounds to design rockets. The software includes highly detailed capabilities and even allows the user to add all commercially sold rocket engines, as well as input the chemical compositions of their own engines.

Lastly, Türkyılmaz introduced their hybrid rocket engine and test system, which is close to commercialization. Discussions are ongoing with Roketsan for potential collaboration. They aim to expand their product range by adding Cold Gas Thruster systems in the first half of 2023. By the end of 2023, they aim to make their presence felt not only in Turkey but also internationally with a more robust 10 kN engine.

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