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About Us

“Higher, Faster, Reliable”

Pioneering Affordable Space Transportation

Established in 2020, Novart Space Technologies is on a mission to revolutionize the economics of space travel for satellite deployment. Backed by years of hands-on expertise, we bring to market cutting-edge technology that accelerates space research while delivering efficient, reliable solutions to our clients.

Engineered for Your Success

Our core focus lies in the engineering of propulsion systems and hybrid rocket engines, tailored to meet specific operational objectives. We handle the end-to-end process: from intricate design to meticulous production and rigorous testing of upper-stage motors.

Live Demonstrations: Witness the Difference

We offer our clients the chance to see our technology in action. Clients can engage with our products through guided demonstrations, gaining a direct understanding of our engineering capabilities and the advantages of choosing Novart’s solutions.

Full-Spectrum Aerospace Expertise

Our expertise doesn’t end with rockets. We offer a suite of services that span propulsion system design, advanced aerodynamics, and fuel and thrust test systems. We are also proficient in flight dynamics, data collection devices, orientation control flight computers, and design and simulation software—essential tools for the aerospace and defense industries.

Excellence in Motion

Our agile, experienced team leverages next-gen technologies to ensure rapid, high-caliber, and trustworthy service tailored to client needs.

Our Partners