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Shuttle To Orbit !


With over three years of relentless dedication to advancing rocket propulsion and subsystems, Novart proudly unveils its groundbreaking space vehicle, “Badger.” Designed to revolutionize the way we approach space transportation for small satellites, Badger serves as the ultimate orbital transfer vehicle, seamlessly bridging the gap from launcher orbit to your desired destination in space.

In today’s dynamic satellite industry, the pressing challenge is the incongruity between launch frequencies and prohibitively high costs, which often hinder satellite providers from fully realizing their objectives. Badger emerges as the game-changer, optimizing efficiency for both satellites and launch vehicles, fundamentally reshaping the space sector’s landscape.

Badger's unparalleled features include:

Dry Weight
75 kg
NOX-Propane Liquid-Fueled Rocket Engine
306 s
Attitude Control
Cold Gas Thrusters & Reaction Wheel
Max Total Delta V at Full Payload
600 m/s
Max Payload Capacity
48 kg

Not just a spacecraft, but a visionary solution, Badger redefines the possibilities for satellite deployment. Novart’s proprietary NOX-Propane engine propels Badger with unmatched precision, while our unique cold gas thrusters ensure pinpoint control. Badger is the pioneering member of the Novart OMV family, a lineage with a wide range of advanced capabilities, including the ability to make RAAN and inclination adjustments.

Welcome aboard Badger—the gateway to launching into orbit and reaching for the stars!