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Novart Space Technologies is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming International Astronautical Congress (IAC) taking place in Baku. During the event, the company will introduce attendees to ‘Badger’, a new offering in its product line, while also showcasing its existing system, ‘Alopex’.

The IAC is an important gathering that assembles professionals and organizations from around the globe to discuss the future of astronautics. Novart is looking forward to learning from industry peers and sharing its own contributions to the field.

At the event, ‘Badger’ will be making its debut. This new product reflects Novart’s ongoing efforts in the aerospace sector. Alongside ‘Badger’, the company will also display ‘Alopex’, a system already known within specialized circles for its functionalities.

Novart’s primary focus remains on multidisciplinary approaches, covering various services and products. These include electronic systems for rocket testing and software tools that aid in rocket design and simulation.

By participating in this internationally acknowledged event, Novart aims to engage with the global aerospace community and explore potential opportunities for collaboration.

The IAC serves as an annual venue where the international aerospace community comes together to discuss innovations and challenges in the industry.

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